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  1. aubrey beardsley.  illustration to “siegfried”, act ii. aubrey beardsley.  illustration to “siegfried”, act ii.
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    Ruined Polaroids. Taken by William Miller, with a second-hand Polaroid SX-70 (snapped up at a yard sale for $20), which turned out to be broken.

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  10. freshphotons:

    “The photography for part two of Molecular Addictions was inspired by experiments done on spiders in the mid 90’s by NASA. They discovered that when spiders were exposed to various drugs they spun webs that were undeniably trippy in comparison to their normal webs. The more toxic the drug, the more distorted and deformed the resulting web.

    Hairstylist Alina Friesen created unique looks for each of the molecules in the collection while asking the question ‘how might someone style their hair while under the influence of these drugs?’. Just like the spiders webs, the result is a lookbook with a distinctive and mismatched style.”

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perpetual macaroni


    perpetual macaroni

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